The Fine Details: Preparing To Build A Custom Home

Whenever there is a project to be done, it is important to have adequate preparation to help ensure success. Planning for a custom-built home is no exception. You will want to keenly evaluate your options and make the best possible decisions to turn your vision into your dream home.

Three factors that are of paramount importance for building your new home are financial implications, construction time and the nuts and bolts of the building process. This post will explore each of these things in detail so you can have a better understanding of the process that will lead to your new residence.

The following post takes a closer look at what you should expect to be the cost of constructing your custom made home:

What Does It Cost To Build a Custom Home?

The simple answer is that costs vary based on each individual home design. Construction costs for a custom home can range from $150 to over $400 per square foot, but cost per square foot is not the best way to evaluate the price of a custom home. It is best to evaluate the primary cost centers for construction, exterior materials and interior finishes to understand how they impact the design of a home. Building a custom home is a personal and highly individualized endeavor. Before you begin, make a list of the most important aspects of the home you want to design and determine how they will affect the cost of construction. Read more at Partners In Building…

Financial implications can be determined by using different parameters, as described in the post above. By familiarizing yourself with the possible expenses you can come up with a rough estimate of your costs and plan accordingly.

The next thing you need to know is the time factor. How long will it take to complete your dream home? Obviously this question is also tied to several other factors. But using general estimates, the following post describes the construction process in greater detail:

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home?

If you’re considering building a custom home, you might have many questions. You’ve almost certainly wondered about the timeline for building a custom home. This is one of the most common questions we hear.

On average, building a new home takes about six months. But few homes are average. The length of time it takes to build a home can vary. Modular homes may take just three months. On the other hand, large custom-built homes can take up to 16 months.

As you can see, even the weather is something you need to consider when you’re formulating a plan to custom build a home. Therefore, you will want to choose the time of year that will offer the longest stretch of good weather to avoid major delays.

Finally, you should have an overview of the steps that will be taken in the process of constructing your home. This will give you a picture of what to expect throughout the process right up to the very end. The following post describes the typical building process:

What to Expect When Building a New Home

Breaking ground on a new home is more than exciting. It’s a chance for you to make every last cabinet, closet, and paint color speak to you. It’s also something that might make you feel in over your head if you’re not aware of the timelines or building stages.

Depending on square footage, weather conditions, the availability of workers and supplies, and more, construction of a new home can take anywhere from three months to over a year. You’ll need to be prepared to make important decisions along the way and to experience setbacks. The truth is, whether you’re building a simple starter home or the ultimate abode, most homeowners find the home building process a bit overwhelming.

There you have it: More details about the cost, timeframe and process of building your dream home. Now there’s just one thing left to do — and it’s a biggie — choose the right builder to work with.

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