Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Consider A Custom Home

As you ponder the option of building an OZ custom-designed home, there are several considerations that should come to mind. In addition to your budget, one of the main things to consider is the location of your new home and its proximity to your job, your kids’ schools, and other important places you wouldn’t want to compromise on.

It’s great to have a home that suits everyone in the family since it will offer the comfort and relaxation that a dream home should provide. A custom-built home is not just about appearance — it also provides a real sense of ownership and belonging. In order to understand more about the benefits of a custom-built home, read the following post:

5 Benefits of Building a New Custom Home

When we think of buying a home, we think of the financial ease being the main reason we purchase an existing home. There are many benefits to purchase an existing home and those reasons can vary from person to person. In Durango, especially, we have found that the market for pre-existing homes has definitely become more limited. Building a custom home on property is becoming more and more frequent. There are so many great benefits to building a new home that is built to your custom specifications. Read below to find out our top 5 reasons to build a custom home. Read more at Buena Vista Builders…

It is interesting to note that the number one reason indicated in the post above is energy-efficiency. The latest trend in the housing industry is to build homes that are environmentally friendly. This was not a major consideration in the past, but it can really pay off to have your home custom-made to include such vital elements today.

Another reason you may want to consider a custom-built home is the real estate industry’s new method for determining home values. The following post explains more on this:

Trends That’ll Influence Homes in 2016

Design changes, as does architecture. Trends don’t emerge as rapidly here as they do in say, food or fashion, but the economy, the environment, and demographics all spur shifts in the choices of materials, designs, layouts, and construction methods for single- and multifamily dwellings.

These 12 trends reflect ways to cope with environmental challenges, incorporate new building materials and methods, and alter the looks and functionality of our homes. Hear top designers and architects explain why these emerging trends are important and how they’ll influence real estate choices in the near future.

As described in the post above, life today demands that home decisions be made with such factors as climate, population trends and economic predictions taken into account. When you use these factors as guidelines, you can design a home that will be relevant both now and in the future.

Finally, a custom-built home gives you the option of using custom-designed furniture, or using furniture in a way that can transform a room into a multi-functional area. This will go a long way toward increasing the efficiency of your home. The following post takes a closer look at this concept:

When Should I go custom?

As with any aspect of design, it’s important to weigh where you want to splurge and where you want to budget. In line with our fashion comparison earlier, just as a Chanel boot or a Birkin bag ups your street-style game, a custom piece can elevate your whole room. And custom furniture works well many scenarios. In Patrick Janelle’s SoHo 1-bedroom apartment, a custom desk and high-top kitchen table-meets-workspace turned the common living area into a multifunctional room, ranging from entertaining to office. On the other side of the spectrum, if you’re lucky enough to live in a sprawling home, it might be hard to find the perfect coffee table or sofa to fit your enormous living room (and you can stop bragging now). Read more at Home Polish…

As you  can see, you have an incredible amount of freedom with a custom-built home. For this reason and many more, a custom home is a worthwhile investment that any prospective home buyer should consider.