Check Out These Great Interior Ideas For Your Custom-Built Home

As you plan for your custom-built home, there are many things to consider if you are going to assemble a complete picture of the final result. It’s best to write down all the ideas you have so you don’t miss out on any of your preferences. Unique interior designs are one such detail that you might not be focusing on early in the construction process. However, the benefits of planning decor and design from the outset are substantial. To that end, let’s take a closer look at some interior design ideas for your custom-built home.

Let’s start with a space that could easily slip your mind: The main hallway. In most cases, homeowners don’t give hallways the same consideration they give to actual rooms, assuming they don’t need much attention. However, the following post describes how you can transform your hallway from a simple passageway into something that’s much more:

How To Pack Personality Into Your Hallway

Personal bits

Add lots of personal bits. Things that reflect your personality say a little bit about you as a person — art, photography, and flowers so that anyone who enters automatically feels like they’re entering your world.

You don’t need much

This is a no-brainer but a skinny console, the odd piece or art, a mirror or some blooms are all you need to create an instant and fabulous first impression.

Everyday items

I’ve used a little hand-thrown pot for keys and spare change, a wire mesh basket to house umbrellas — pieces that house everyday items and make them look far cooler than they really are.

You can make the most of any space you have (as the above hallway post illustrates). With just a little imagination you can make every part of your new custom home unique and user-friendly.

In addition to that, you can ensure that your home will meet all the different needs you have as a family. For instance, you can combine luxury with convenience and functionality. This will make it easier for you to have all your families favorite activities at different times, but under the same roof.

If you have a party, your home should be able to accommodate your guests just as comfortably as it gives your family some much-needed space for relaxing. The following post describes such a home:

The idea was to open up the daytime spaces, without compromising in flexibility. A high level of intimacy for each family member was achieved by a clear separation of the bedrooms.

“The end result integrates the kitchen and the office to the existing generous living room as an intersection of two rectangular volumes, with the dining area, right in the center of this intersection, becoming a hot spot of the house,” the architects said. “Thus, functions merge into a common image , where wood, both horizontally and vertically disposed, covering storage area, provides fluidity and unity of the space, creating a neutral background at the same time.” Read more at Freshome…

When it comes to planning for your new home, take everything into consideration and put extra emphasis on the activities that you know will be taking place on a regular basis.

Finally, many people are prone to overlook the beauty that plants add to the home — both indoors and outdoors. Even if you aren’t the first person one would think of with a green thumb, a touch of vegetation will add some life to your home. Here are some suggestions:

6 Ways To Use Indoor Plants As Home Decor

The color green goes with almost everything. So whatever color palette you might have in your living room or bedroom, green plants will only make it better.

Adding greens to your indoors helps clean the air, gives an instant uplift to the room and makes for an easy on the pocket decor idea.

Tall plants, like indoor palm trees which are low maintenance, can make a big room feel cozy. They also make for lovely decor especially when placed in a corner. Green plants when combined with a mirror add much needed life to a small room. Read more at Womens Web…

There you go! A variety of simple but effective ways to create wonderful interiors in your new highly personalized, efficient and environmentally friendly custom home.